Congratulations Class of 2018

Public Education – Empowering the Future
Public education is one of the most powerful systems for driving positive change in our society. 
Across the United States, approximately 90 percent of our children attend a public school – and in the St. Vrain Valley, that percentage is even higher.

Clem Dufore Park Lunch

It's that time of year again.  The school year is about over and we're wondering how the kids will eat since the school is not furnishing a lunch.  The answer is simple: come to Clem Dufore Park in Dacono between 12:00-1:00pm Monday through Friday and they can have a hot mea.  The Park Lunch will begin June 11.

Encore Awards Banquet

Encore Award Nominees Lisa Grant, Holly Viejobueno, and Sherry Zamudio attended the Education Foundation Tribute to Teachers Award Banquet on Friday, May 11th along with Prairie Ridge Principal, Jill Lliteras and Dean of Students, Laura Anna. 

Congratulations to Ms. Grant for receiving the Encore Award for Prairie Ridge!

PRES Art Awards

On April 16th to April 22nd, the St. Vrain Valley School District hosted the annual Art Show at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  Prairie Ridge Elementary School featured varying mediums including clay, drawings, paintings, and weavings.

Some of our very own PRES students received an award for their artwork!

Longmont Artist Guild Award and Gift Certificate:

Xzavier Gilstrap (5th Grade)

IMPORTANT: Student Calendar Change on 4/27

Dear St. Vrain Valley Community,

Thank you for your continued partnership and unwavering support which has contributed significantly to student achievement and success. I am deeply appreciative of our community, as you have consistently demonstrated your value for public education through the generous passage of several mill levy overrides and bond initiatives, among many other ways that you have strengthened our schools. Together with our excellent teachers and staff, our students are receiving the benefit of an outstanding education.

Superintendent's Update

As we move closer to the end of another outstanding year in St. Vrain Valley Schools, I want to take a moment to recognize the achievements and growth we have seen across our system. In the coming weeks, we will be championing the thousands of students who will be transitioning to kindergarten, middle school, high school or graduating with their St. Vrain Valley Schools diploma. It is through our outstanding educators, dedicated parents and unwavering community support that we have seen our students and schools excel to the highest levels of achievement.

Unframed Art Show

An artist can find inspiration in the world around them. From majestic photography to the fine details in drawings, painting and pottery, St. Vrain students shine at this year’s districtwide Art Show, Unframed.

This annual art show will showcase various works of art representing a wide variety of forms and media used by student artists. Works of art include paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, design, new media and much more from students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. And, every school in the district is represented at this show.

Education Foundation honors outstanding SVVSD teachers

Each spring, the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley hosts the Tribute to Teachers, which honors and recognizes the excellence of our teachers. Students, parents, colleagues and community members are invited to nominate teachers, and three from each school are selected to attend the event as finalists. During the event, one teacher from each school receives an Encore Award and a $100 gift card. Additionally, several teachers are honored as Spotlight educators and one as Teacher of the Year for their outstanding efforts on behalf of their schools and students.

Up with People, Jr.


Up with People, Jr. is coming to Centennial Elementary School!  Up with People, Jr. is a one week, arts-based summer camp for kids ages 8-12.  Campers will be learning songs and dances from the international organization, Up with People!  They will also be using the arts to explore their communities and the world around them.  In addition to staging and performing a high-energy show at the end of the week, students will engage in community action service projects.

Here are the details:

Moving to the Rhythm

Suddenly the door bursts open, your child runs inside and excitement fills the house. They move full speed towards the table as they throw down their backpack. Their hands cannot open the zipper fast enough. With confidence your child pulls out their recorder and songs stream into every room that can only be described as music to their ears. Although it may take many years for them to develop the skills to play in a world famous symphony, your child just discovered the love of music.